Type of partner(s) sought: 
We already have a group of ICT-oriented and learning-oriented partners. However the following are more than welcome:

- Partners with demostrated experience in managing FP-projects
- Large ICT integration companies with experience in workflow integration of training systems
- Faculties of education, or instructional technology with relevant experience
- Medical schools, hospitals or associations that can help in content development and/or as a test platform
- Government institutions or agencies that can help with dissemination and work towards policy-adoption

Required skills and Expertise:
We are looking for partners with skills and experience in: 

- learning environment building and integration into workflow systems
- artificial intelligence applications, such as decision support systems, and data mining
- databases and data warehouses.
- learning management, such as goal building, learning object (lo) based material development, matching learning and organisational strategies
- medical learning, especially continuous education of physicians

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Partner Search ID: PS-TR-2203
Date of Publication: 2008-01-28 07:08
Call Identifier: ICT Call 3 (FP7-ICT-2007-3) Proposal Name: Embedded Collaborative Responsiveness for Medical Learning : ECORE-ML

Challenge: 4 Digital Libraries and Content
Objective: 4.3 Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning Funding Scheme: STREP Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal Closure Date: 08/04/2008

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