Type of partner(s) sought: 
ICT SMEs companies
University and Research Institutes
End-users (e.g. airport)

Required skills and Expertise: 
Nanotechnology: anti-explosive sensor technology (Research Institutes) Database and information data security software programming (C/C++ Programmig, RDBMS Oracle) RFID solutions Programming companies (RFID Technology providers) Security Management experts ( Corporate Security companies) Quality and Economical Studies on Airport first responder systems (Research Institutes) 

Partner Search ID: PS-IT-2033
Date of Publication: 2007-10-17 11:09
Call Identifier: FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1
Proposal Name: TESEA

Challenge: Security -- Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability
Objective: 1.0-04 ICT support for first responders in crises occurring in critical infrastructures Funding Scheme: STREP Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal Closure Date: 29/11/2007 (17:00:00)

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