Type of partner(s) sought: Universities or any other organizations being interested in research and development or testing and exploiting semantic digital library and social network.

Required skills and Expertise:
- linguistics;
- ontology creation;
- ontology web language (owl);
- to implement and exploit applications;
- theory and practice of learning processes;
- experience in problems and practice of copyright in Europe;
- experience in dissemination of product;
- experience in creation, promotion and moderating of the social network.
Partner Search ID: PS-RU-1393
Date of Publication: 2007-04-25 08:48
Call Identifier: ICT Call 1 (FP7-2007-ICT-1)
Proposal Name: Semantic Active Social Library of Knowledge ( SEMALIB )

Challenge: 4 Digital libraries and content
Objective: 4.2 Intelligent content and semantics
Funding Scheme: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal
Closure Date: 08/05/2007

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