We have successfully represented the EU at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

On the basis of an invitation from the European Commission as attached, we have taken an active part in the official Delegation of the selected experts of the EU for "EU - China Science and Technology Week" that has been organized as a part of the particular World Exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Our invitation we understand as an appreciation from the European Commission for our long-year - since year 2000 - and practically uninterrupted participation in the research and development projects of the EU and financed within its former 5th and 6th Framework programs as well as its current 7FP and especially its programs in ICT/IST that are first of all and primerly focused on the projects being responsible for the implementation of the EU Lisbon strategy on e-Europe already since it adoption in year 2000. Our invitation to Shanghai as a part of the official delegation of the EU and its ERA - European Research Area we appreciate even more due to the fact that - as we have found out later in Shanghai - we were the only representatives from the Slovak republic who were participating in this important event of the global meaning.
It is not only an appreciation of our research work untill now but also an obligation for us for the future to be equally successful in our active participation in similar projects of the EU. So far in this respect we could state that we have been succssfully continuing in this our continual activity as very recently on 13-14 May 2010 we have organized and hosted the kick off meeting of the new international consortium - of which we are an integral part - regarding our new common project EU/7FP/SSH/CONSENT that is scheduled for next three years i.e. till practically the end of the current 7FP in year 2013.