Institute of Nanotechnology

New technology opportunity: 
Collaboration in nanotechnology with multinational premium drinks business

On behalf of one of the world's largest premium drinks companies, the Institute of Nanotechnology is seeking potential collaborators for technology development opportunities. The company is seeking research (local and global) that can be applied in the short or medium term (and / or novel nanotechnologies within existing companies) related to the following product-enhancing areas (described in more detail below) of:

- Functional barrier materials/packaging 
- "Nano-widgets"

Functional barrier materials/packaging

With specific properties related to:
- Selective gas transfer
- The release of freshness compounds from the pack material over time
- The stripping out of degradation compounds over time
- Barrier to UV/ light 
- Anti-bacterial 
- Acoustic and tactile properties - glass/metal-like plastic

With the following sought-after functional benefits:
- Increased freshness and taste
- Lighter bottles (less transport cost) and selling of bottles where so far glass bottles can't be sold 
- Shaping bottles more effectively with plastic compared to glass/ metal and still portraying the premium quality to consumer
- Potential switch to renewable source/ sustainable packaging and maintaining premium quality
- Coating for whisky/ rum casks that decreases the "angel's share" of product


With specific properties related to:
- Gas encapsulated within the widget
- External surface of widget engineered to provide a site for nucleation 
- Liquid or active agent encapsulated within widget 

With the following functional benefits:
- Alternative to current "surgery generators"
- Prolonged bubble release
- Potentially cost savings
- Faster dispense
- Theatre effects during point of consumption.

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