centrope.news 02/2007
High-tech in CENTROPE
Whether it's biotechnology, nano technology, environmental technology or renewable energy - the sub-regions of CENTROPE are internationally competitive in high-tech disciplines.
High-tech region CENTROPE
What do the automotive industry, environmental technologies, life science (biology, chemistry, medicine, genetic and bio-engineering) and ecological construction techniques have in common? Well, they all are considered high-tech industries that make use of leading state-of-the-art technologies. And CENTROPE has the potential to become a high-tech region.
Biotechnology - A key issue for the future
Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry with great future potential - and biomedicine is the "science of our times". Numerous institutions in CENTROPE are setting new standards in this field.
Nano technology - Tiny particles on the vanguard
The "micro" of the 1970s and 1980s is now called "nano". In recent years, nano technology has established itself firmly as the European technology focus that, according to experts, will lead to groundbreaking changes in the fields of technology, processes and products of our modern society.
Renewable energy as an economic driving force
District heating from forest biomass, fuels from plant oils: renewable energy is above all promoted for ecological reasons, but examples from Burgenland, Vienna and Lower Austria show that the economy, too, stands to benefit.
High-tech from nature
Car tires and yoghurt cups made of bioplastics, a house made of straw and the first "kernel craft" factory worldwide (producing high-grade products from apricot kernel oil) - the economy is discovering natural resources as a booming niche, and CENTROPE is right in the midst of developments.
Excellence in recycling
Every year, 228,000 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment are produced in the CENTROPE partner countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. The Recycling Network CENTROPE takes care of the environmentally compatible collection and disposal of e-waste and end-of-life cars in the Central European Region.
Project news: Green light for new CENTROPE pilot projects
February 2007 will see the launching of four new CENTROPE pilot projects. One pilot activity will be financed for each of the four thematic focuses: economy & innovation, infrastructure & planning, labour market & qualification and culture & tourism. The results will be available in autumn 2007.
CENTROPE Tips: Research and co-operation financing
The EU forks out 54 Billion Euros for European cooperations in science and research within the next seven years. Also small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit from the EU financial support and from national funding.
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