Our PhD. Study & Research Program

The PhD. studies at the Comenius University of Bratislava and its Faculty of Management are the highest form of the university education. As the third degree study it has been focused on acquiring the latest knowledge in the particular scientific area and based on the contemporary and the most innovative trends in the given discipline of the research and development. An active contribution to the scientific research and development in the particular research area by PhD. students is an integral part of this highest form of the university education. 

For more information on PhD. studies at the Faculty of Management in general, please, visit our web site at www.fm.uniba.sk. 

As for the e-Europe Research & Development Centre, the main focus of our Ph.D. program has been on themes related to our own research and development activities i.e. those in the area of the EUís Lisbon strategy, e-Europe, i2010 or Information society in general. Currently, the following main themes have been on an offer for our potential new Ph.D. students:

1) Management of the long-life education as preparation of the citizens for the challenges of an Information society

2) Management of preparation of the disadvantaged groups of citizens for their e-inclusion, e-participation, e-democracy, e-election, etc. EC Initiatives into the Information society

3) Problems and challenges of implementation of the Lisbon strategy, i2010, e-Europe, EUROPE 2020, etc. EC Initiatives in the new member states of the current EU-27 (or in a selected new member state)

4) Management of implementation of the Lisbon strategy (i2010) in a selected sector of the future Information society as e.g. e-business, e-health, e-education, e-banking, e-government, etc. in a chosen EU member state.

All our Ph.D. students are directly involved in the research and development activities of our e-Europe Research & Development Centre and its EU/ICT oriented and sponsored projects under the guidance and mentoring by Professor Dusan Soltes.