Dear Colleague, 

I am contacting you with regard to a forthcoming opportunity which we have identified as being of potential interest to your company. The opportunity will be for you to engage with some of Europe’s leading companies and major players in R & D in three key sectors, namely:

· Wireless and mobile communications
· Embedded systems
· Nano-electronics and nano-technologies

A pan European pilot project, led by Targeting Innovation from the UK, is seeking to recruit companies operating in these sectors. Participating companies will have the opportunity to take part in missions, partner brokerage events, international conferences and information days at which senior R & D staff from companies such as Ericsson, Philips, Nokia, Siemens, ST Microelectronics, Daimler Chrysler, etc., will be represented.

The pilot project (called EPISTEP, which is part funded through the EU’s Framework Programme) will operate across 15 European countries over the next two years. It will also enable small companies like yours to network with like minded companies working in similar or complementary sectors.

In order to participate, the first step is to register your company details with the project. This can be done on-line at  by clicking on the link “SME database”. Registration is free of charge. 

Please note that participation in the project will be on a first come, first served basis. I hope your company will be able to take advantage of this forthcoming opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best regards